East/West Harmony!

Beijing and Portland choruses join in a queer musical collaboration! Conflicted Costa Rican courts contend with marriage equality! New Zealand clears convictions for consensual gay sex, four more face caning for gay sex in Aceh, Russia blocks a website that “promos homos,” Singapore “unweds” a couple after one’s post-nuptial transition, U.S. doctors decry the “Trump’d” up study on trans service members, and more global LGBTQ news!s!

2 thoughts on “East/West Harmony!”

  1. Great segment on cultural exchange. But Steve, please stop “beiging” Beijing!
    In case you missed the media flap over American Olympics announcers blithely ignoring Chinese pronunciation and saying Beijing as the French do, just google “beijing pronunciation olympics”
    Here’s an amusing take from 2008:
    Two Chinese Characters: How to Pronounce Beijing
    2:03–2:15: “The second character is pronounced Jing, as in Jingle Bells, and Jingoism. It’s a regular American J. It’s not a French sounding ZH. That may sound exotic, but it’s not correct.”

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