Spotlight LGBT Artist Returns With EP Honoring Pop Princess Swift & Benefitting Puppies and Gay Kids

Taylor Swift Classics” by Michael Van London and the Mosaic Broken Hearts Club drops today including a video release for the first single “Welcome To New York”. The EP tribute to the pop queen marks Van London’s return to the ether in a new incarnation as Michael Van London & the Mosaic Broken Hearts Club while the video is a celebration of New York city and its people: their strength, resilience and the human kindness that binds them.

“I was living in New York during 9/11 and to see them again hit so hard as the epicenter of Covid-19 – it’s crushing” said Van London. “But I got to witness the stunning resilience of it’s people first-hand. And to see them flattening the curve and once again leading us with inspiration and hope – when the piece of shit in the white house won’t wear a mask. I wanted to honor the people that make New York great with this video.” added Michael.

The “Welcome to New York” video features a breadth of New York footage – historical and viral – compiled and edited by videographer Jasten King, best known for his work on the award winning documentary ‘Finding Kim” and the Hump Festival winning film short “Ouroboros“.

“Michael wanted the best of New York’s strength, resilience and kindness in the video.” said King. “Fortunately stellar New York videos are abundant but my favorites I used in the video were: the good Samaritan giving the homeless man the shirt off his back; the little best friend toddlers running into a colorblind hug; and all the first responders working so tirelessly to fight the current Covid-19 outbreak.”

“I also needed to see Taylor in there and Jasten made that happen. I love the video and hope you do too.” added Van London.

“Taylor Swift Classics” is Van London’s first offering since making waves with his work with director Brian Dannelly (Saved!) on the major motion picture “Struck By Lightning“. Van London’s album “American Blood & Guts” comprised the majority of soundtrack for the film written by and starring Chris Colfer. His new incarnation as “Michael Van London and the Mosaic Broken Hearts Club” lends the opportunity to pay his highest respects to “pop princess” Taylor Swift as well the chance to give back to causes close to his heart: animals and at-risk LGBT youth.

“I discovered Taylor Swift in the last couple of years. Admittedly, I was late to the game and initially judgmental due to her image and the corporate music background, and as a indie-rocker at heart, I think you’re taught to fear the mainstream. But she is the real deal and I wanted to document my deep affinity to Taylor and her music with this EP. And donating 100% of the proceeds from this release it gives me a chance to pay it forward and isn’t that really what we need more than anything today?” posed Van London.

About Michael Van London
Michael Van London has honed his skills “on both sides of the ocean and in between them” but has made his home in Los Angeles where he has fronted his bands The Bombs and The Black Beverly Heels while constantly recording and releasing material under his own name.  His music has been featured on MTV, made officially available in Rock Band, and been spotlighted in Spotify’s “Artist of the Week”. Van London’s new project is The Scarlet Coast he describes as The Beach Beach Boys produced by Liz Phair wearing a Phil Spector wig.

About Seattle Humane Society
Seattle Humane is an independent, donor-funded nonprofit animal welfare organization responsible for saving thousands of abandoned, stray and surrendered pets in our community every year by finding loving homes for every healthy and adoptable animal who enters our doors. We are “no-kill” and therefore we have no time limits.  We offer low-fee spay/neuter services, a Pet Food Bank, humane education for kids of all ages, pet loss support, rescue services and so much more!

About Lambert House
Lambert House is a safe place where we empower LGBTQ youth through the development of leadership, social, and life skills.. Youth aged 11-12 need a signed parent consent form for participation, available at the Lambert House front desk. Our calendar is packed with fun activities, support groups, planning meetings, dances, and other events. Life gets better for LGBTQ youth at Lambert House.

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