– “By My Side” Video Premieres Today – 

West Hollywood, CA – Electro-pop musician Devin Tait today released his second full-length solo album Art Damage and premiered the video for the single By My Side“.  The album seamlessly covers the spectrum from Tait’s 80s electropop influences (Human League, Howard Jones) to his dreamsynth/chillwave inspirations (Chrvches, Neon Indian) and features a bevy of his favorite talents including: LGBT icon Wendy Ho; Rayssa (Demi Lovato, The Voice);  Chris Freeman (Pansy Division); Jordan von Haslow; Kraig Hill (Seamonster Sounds); Scott Anderson (Solar City Music); and his longtime collaborator Bradley Jacobson as co-producer.  Get it now via all major distributors including iTunesSpotifySoundcloudand Bandcamp.

While the song “By My Side” is a direct dedication from Tait to his husband Dylan, the lush music video eloquently expounds the sweet sentiment by flashing back to the era and film stock of a late 80s Halloween night to tell the story of two young men within their group of friends discovering that there may be more joy to be found in removing your mask than in hiding who you are.  The video is the latest directorial effort from Danial J. Smith and production house Ravensview Films.

“I loved the concept so much – the 80s were so formative for me and the video treatment was just so sweet,” said Tait. “We felt no need to insert strife for its own sake or to exploit the darkness that’s in the world today, but rather to wax nostalgic on the exhilaration of finding love, and the safety and security that comes with it.  I tried to write the song as a pure expression of love, and I feel Danial did a an amazing job translating that in the video.”

“‘By My Side’ is a very Human League style track, in fact you could imagine it was actually Phil Oakey behind the mic. Tait feels strongly about lyrics – there’s something about the pop songs from the 80s which will never age – the storytelling lyrics are just one part of this, and Tait has that down to an art form.” – Lisa HafeyEssentially Pop

Earlier this year, Tait teased the release of “Art Damage” by dropping a video for the song Anyone Can Break Somebody’s Heart” featuring LGBT musicomedy icon Wendy Ho.  Ho’s performance evoked the same smiles she’s used to getting from her audiences, but this time in response to her love-positive, sultry diva vocals more than for her trademark razor-sharp sense of humor.  The song and video were Tait and Ho’s Valentine’s day gift to fans  – celebrating taking chances on love and turning your broken heart into art.

The video was directed by Jasten King of Deadline Video – the visuals svengali responsible for dazzling the clientele of of Weho’s top haunts (Revolver, Fubar, etc.) and producer/editor of last year’s critically-heralded gender transition documentary “Finding Kim”.

Art Damage” is now available for streaming and purchase through all major distributors including iTunesSpoitfySoundcloudBandcamp and physical copies are available via order at www.devintait.com.


A fiery and fearless singer/songwriter, Devin Tait blends acoustic cabaret pop with electronic, new-wave inspired rock. Equally as comfortable behind a keytar as a drum kit, Tait has a knack for blending upbeat, feel-good anthems with more serious themes while keeping dance beats in the forefront. An Angeleno at heart, Tait hails from Kansas and has performed from Iceland to Portland and just about everywhere else over the rainbow.


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