– Local music fanzine Scutter to host 3 day celebration of music, art and poetry to benefit the Scutter Scholarship Fund for Queer Youth in the Arts and e-zine launch-

(Los Angeles, CA – May 15, 2001) – Scutter fanzine, an independent, Los Angeles-based magazine that celebrates gay and ‘gay-friendly’ bands, artists and celebrities while fighting sexism, homophobia, body fascism and racism, announces Scutterfest 2001, the ‘zine’s first annual three-day festival of music and art benefiting the Scutter Scholarship Fund for Queer Youth in the Arts, and the launch of the ‘zine’s website at http://scutter.hpyermart.net.

Scutterfest 2001 runs from Friday, June 15, 2001 through Sunday, June 17, 2001 at an array of venues and features live music every night including a special acoustic afternoon on Sunday, celebrity guest DJ’s spinning between live music sets, a film festival featuring a personal appearance and Q&A session with Bruce La Bruce, spoken poetry performances, multimedia art exhibitions and presence from non-profit organizations distributing information of relevance to gay youth, minorities, safe sex, runaways and drop-in shelters, domestic violence and women’s issues.

Scutterfest 2001 begins on Friday June 15 in downtown Los Angeles with a film festival at the Side Street Live followed by an art exhibition and bands performing at the Smell.  Saturday night at Fais Dodo features guest DJ’s spinning classic Punk, Pop, and ‘Rock en Espanol’ between live music sets.  Sunday starts with an afternoon of intimate acoustic performances and spoken-word poetry at Luna Sol Café and culminates in the evening with more live bands including Pansy Division at Mr. T’s Bowl in Highland Park.  Each night will feature surprise celebrity hosts and merchandise giveaways.

Spotlight bands and artists include ‘Homocore’ genre pioneers Pansy Division in their first Los Angeles performance since 1998, local band Ozma (Weezer’s 2001 tour openers), 2000 GLAMA award winning artist Barnes of Loudboy and Kevin Ridel & AM Radio (formerly Ridel High/A&M records) among others.

Scutterfest hopes to provide a nightly musical compliment to gay pride weekend for today’s music-savvy gay youth while raising money for the Scutter Scholarship Fund for Queer Youth in the Arts in a fun, safe, accepting environment.

“I just got a letter from a fifteen-year-old boy from the Philippines.  He didn’t know any gay people, let along gay people who like punk music,” said Rudy.   “That’s what keeps me going – knowing that I’m reaching people who feel isolated and alone in their sexual orientation and beliefs.  I hope Scutterfest will give a lot of gay and lesbian kids a safe space to get together and have a good time.”

 Artists, bands and performers hope their involvement in Scutterfest will help to raise awareness about homophobia and raise money for the Scutter Scholarship Fund for Queer Youth in the Arts.

“We are extremely excited to be part of Scutterfest 2001 and hope to be around for Scutterfest 2002, 2003, 2004 and on and on,” said Luis of Pansy Division.  “I’m really excited that there is a group of kids willing to take on the dirty and usually thankless task of revitalizing queer indie youth culture. I can’t wait to see where this leads.”

“Rudy has been a friend to Ozma from the start six years ago so when he asked us to play Scutterfest, we immediately agreed,” said Daniel Brummel of Ozma.   “Homophobia runs rampant, especially in some of the macho, misogynistic music that is popular today, and as far as we’re concerned, that’s bullshit and needs to cease immediately.  Ozma is behind Scutter 100 percent in their efforts to give support to young gay people.  We feel very strongly about this as a band.” Rudy Bleu released Ozma’s song “Los Angeles” on the first Scutter 7″ compilation, “Tummyshaking.”

 “I’m very proud of Rudy for standing up for his beliefs and trying to make a difference in this world,” said Kevin Ridel of Kevin Ridel & AM Radio.  “I stand proudly behind Rudy and Scutterfest. I would love to see a day when there was no prejudice – that includes racial, gender, and religious discrimination as well.”

Confirmation of many bands and musicians, filmmakers and artists is still in progress.  Currently scheduled to perform are:

· Ozma (selected by Weezer to open Weezer’s national tour)
· Pansy Division (Lookout Records recording artists)
· Kevin Ridel & AM Radio (formerly of Ridel High/A&M Records)
· Loudboy (featuring 2000 GLAMA Award winning artist Barnes)
· The Barbara Please Attack {featuring Tamala (of the Automaticans & Longstocking) &Jody (of Team Dresch)}
· Cecil Seaskull (formerly of Nerdy Girl)
· The Kids of Widney High
· Rizzo (new album on Sympathy for the Record Industry)
· Best Revenge
· Radio Vago (LA Weekly’s Band of the Year 2002)
· The Pinkz
· Low Budget
· Ramon Garica
· The Patience Book (includes former member of The Shrinking Violets)
· Slow (from Oregon)
· Nick Name and the Normals
· Lysa Flores
· Exhibition
· Dangerous (from San Francisco)
· Third Grade Teacher
· Operation Kitty Project
· Rollo Greb
· Rotophone
· Hillside Village
· Deadlee
· Alan Wiley (PlanetOut columnist)
· Lito Sandoval
· Patsy
· u*s*a sexual

· Scutter fan Bruce La Bruce presents a collection of short films and a question and answer session.
· Martin Sorrondeguy (Los Crudos/Limp Wrist) presents “Beyond the Screams”, a documentary of US Latino/Chicano Hardcore Punk music.
· Jackie Joice presents “Punk Pretty”.
· Grace Slick 9 presents “The Abortion Theme Song” on women and home abortions.
· Tracy and the Plastics video collection (Chainsaw recording artists).
· Andy Bydalek presents “daMNaged”.
· Olivia of Radio Vaggo presents “Trannyfag” on transgender identity.

Guest DJ’s, Artists and Entertainers:
· Nick Leonard – San Francisco-based comedian
· Jackie Joice – Spoken word poetry
· The Radical Cheerleaders – New Los Angeles branch of national organization who cheer against inequities and social injustice.
· Lito Sandoval – Latino/Chicano author
· Ramon Garcia – Latino/Chicano author
· Larry-bob – Editor of Holy Titclamps fanzine
· Skeith – Venice-based artist
· DJ Punkybutt – Los Angeles-based DJ

About Scutter Fanzine and Scutterfest
Scutter fanzine has featured interviews with indie artists and celebrities including: Amanda from Bis; the Dance Hall Crashers; Kim Shattuck of the Muffs; Corin Tucker of Sleater Kinney; Kathleen Hanna of Bikini Kill and Le Tigre; as well as Bruce La Bruce; Rose McGowan; and Jeananne Garafolo. Scutter has also released a record compilation featuring Ozma Bis, Pansy Division, and Sourtooth and regularly organizes and hosts live music events in Los Angeles.

Scutterfest is three days of music, films and the arts created as a celebration of Scutter fanzine to benefit the Scutter Scholarship Fund for Queer Youth in the Arts.

Write or subscribe to Scutter c/o Rudy Bleu P.O. Box 3247, Alhambra, California 91803. Issues of Scutter are available for two dollars post paid or for trade.  There are seven past issues.  Descriptions and interview samples are available at http://scutter.hypermart.net.

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